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Obscure Literary Facts Article

They're literary, they're obscure, and they're so trivial that even the wonkiest of book wonks will be impressed.

Landing Pages

Apex Gulf Window Tinting Landing Page

Main page for the largest car care company in the United Arab Emirates

Top 10 Law Schools in the United States

Ranking and descriptions of the top 10 law schools in the United States

Northern California Day Trips Landing Page

Landing page for website that promotes day trips around Northern California

Hotel Alternatives in New York City

Landing page promoting  homestay sites in New York City

Dealicious Mom Free Books

Landing page for website promoting free books

Least Expensive Hybrid Cars

Site promoting the use of hybrid cars, with descriptions and links to the 10 least expensive

Vehicle Branding Landing Page

Landing page for vehicle wraps/graphics for the largest car care company in the UAE.

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E.T. Carlton Writes...

My educational background is in the social sciences, I spent many years working in marketing, and my passions are literature, pop culture, social media, history, and politics.


What that means for you: I'm a skilled researcher, I know how to write content that sells, and I can write an article, landing page, or blog post on just about any subject. 

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