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Blogging Tips: Blog Branding


Looking for blogging tips that will increase visitors and clicks? Ask yourself these questions: What makes my blog special? What makes my blog stand out from others in my niche? Are each of my posts instantly recognizable? If you're having trouble answering any of those questions, chances are you haven't given much thought to branding.

What is branding? Simply put, it's the act of creating an image. That image could be in the form of a name, a symbol, or a design - or all three. Branding, whether it's corporate branding or personal branding or blog branding is the act of creating a unique identity for a product/person/website. An identity that helps consumers (or blog visitors) differentiate your blog from others.

Blog Branding - How to Make Your Blog Stand Out

Branding vs. Marketing

What's the difference between branding and marketing? In marketing, you're actively selling or pushing something. In branding, you're pulling -- pulling in readers because they already understand what your blog is all about. Think of it this way: marketing is like saying "Read my blog." But branding is like saying "This is what my blog is about. These are its values. If you like it, come on over and read and then share some posts." Marketing your blog is, of course, important. But without branding it first, you're going to have a much harder time selling it.

Blog Branding Using Visuals: 3 Crucial Steps

Of course what you write is just as important as the way your blog looks, but creating a unique look is the easiest and fastest way to distinguish your blog from its competitors. Major corporations spend millions of dollars creating branding strategies, but individual bloggers can get started easily in 3 steps.

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