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Instagram Tips: How to Instagram Like a Celebrity

Instagram Tips from Celebrities

There was a time when the only way we got to know celebrities was by watching them on television, going to their movies, or listening to their music. Those days are long gone and, for better or worse, we can now get intimate with celebrities through their social media accounts. If you spend any time on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook, you've certainly come across celebrity social media. And if you follow celebrities on social media you probably know all about their daily lives: what they eat, where they vacation, who they hang out with. There's a reason that we are so captivated by celebrities on social media: their accounts are very well designed, planned, and put together. Usually by a social media manager.

What can small businesses and individuals who want to use social media for branding and marketing learn from celebrity social media accounts? Plenty. I should know -- I manage Instagram and Twitter accounts for several well-known actors. Read on to learn some tips, tricks, and hacks from celebrity social media accounts.


Scroll through Kim Kardashian West's Instagram feed and you'll notice pretty quickly that there's a theme. The family pics, fashion shots, and "candid" moments are all beautiful and sexy. How does Kardashian (or her social media manager) do it? Every picture is posted with Kardashian's brand in mind. Her social media manager makes sure what Kim shares is consistent with the image she's trying to project.

Instagram Tips from Kim Kardashian

Instagram Tip for Mere Mortals: : Be thoughtful about the photos you post and the words you use. Every single Instagram image you post should support your personal branding – the impression you want to convey. Don’t post something just to post.. Make sure that every post is consistent in quality, mood, and look. If you're unsure how to get a consistent look for your Instagram feed, try this trick: use the same filter for every photo. Kim's pics all have red added to them, which creates a warm glow. If you're feeling particularly adventurous and want to copy the look, try using the Magic Hour filter in the A Color Story App.


Modern celebrities have made selfies into an art that's become part of our social media culture. While selfies may seem narcissistic to some, celebrities on Instagram know that face photos get more attention than any other kind of content posted on social media. A recent study, conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs, looked at 1.1 million Instagram photos and found that posts with human faces were 38 percent more likely to receive likes than photos without faces and 32 percent more likely to get comments.

Instagram Tip for Mere Mortals: : Of course celebrity faces get more Instagram attention -- they're celebrities! Lucky for you, the researchers found that the number of faces in a photo, their age, race and gender didn't make a difference in terms of fan engagement. So post your face and watch your fans and like numbers go up.

Shy about exposing your flaws in close-up photos? Try a selfie filter app, like YouCam Perfect Selfie.

Celebrities on Instagram Collage

Celebrities Know How to Sell Themselves

Celebrities don't need to use the bio space in their Instagram profiles to tell the world who they are, but they're often smart about how they use the space at the top of their profiles. Lena Dunham goes funny, while Dakota Fanning reveals something about herself in her Instagram bio.

Instagram Tip for Mere Mortals: Unless you're a very well known brand or company, you've got to explain who you are and what you do in your Instagram bio -- and you've only got a few sentences to do it! But if you're promoting your brand, your services or even hoping to become Instagram famous, how you use the space in your bio section is crucial. Use the space to let potential followers know exactly what it is that you do, by using 2 to 4 key words that describe you or your brand.

Instagram Tip: Write a Great Bio

Explaining what a resilience expert is could have been challenging, but author Cheryl Hunter nails it. She also uses keywords like 'author' and where she's been published.

Instagram Tip: Describe What you Do

Fashion Blogger Ana Budget gets right to the point in both her Instagram username and her bio. She uses keywords like 'spend less' and 'budget,' but manages to keep her bio from being dry or boring.


Do you really think Chrissy Teigan spends hours pouring over her social media accounts, deciding what to post and when to post it? In all likelihood, she uses a social media manager to make she's presented to the public correctly and in a way that is consistent with her brand.

Instagram Tip for Mere Mortals: Whether you're running a business, writing a book, or promoting your art, you've got more than enough to do. Hiring a social media manager frees up your time by allowing an expert to take care of your social media marketing and online branding. Imagine never having to figure out what content to post, when to post it, what hashtags to use, and how to connect with potential customers and fans.

If you’re thinking about outsourcing your social media, I can help you reach your goals with branding, marketing and image management on social media. I strategize, write tweets, and work with you to create a branding strategy that conveys your message. Whether you're looking for ongoing social media management, a budget "1 Post Per Day" management package, or a short consultation on how to clean up your social media accounts so that they convey the image you want to project, I can help.

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